East Jawa Nature Trip


~Bromo, MadakariPura Waterfall, Ijen Blue Fire…~


<Basic Route>

Day1  Morning: Leave to Bromo (12hours)
   (stay 1 night Bromo area hotel)
Day2  3:30am Bromo Sunrise
   Madakaripura Waterfall
   Leave to Ijen (8hours)
 Enjoy Hot Spring
   (stay 1 night Ijen area hotel)
Day3  1:00am start trekking to Ijen Blue Fire
 Coffee Plantation
   Leave to Ketapang Harvour


Private Car Charter Price start from Rp5,500,000~(max 4pax)


INcluding:Car Rental,Driver,Fuel,Parking Fee
EXcluding:Entrance Fee,Meals,Donation,Accommodation,Activity Fee(Jeep tour,Riding horse at Bromo),Travel Insurance



*About Accommodation*

1.Book Yourself
2.We arrange hotel after hearing your request details(cost,facilit,etc)
3.Looking for hotel on that day



★Change starting point Jogjakarta  to Surabaya
★Before Bromo,drop by Solo/Tawangmangu/Malang/Pacitan
★Before Ijen drop by Sukamade (SeaTurtle Beach)&Kalibaru (Plantation Jeep Tour)
★Drop off Bali
★Drop off Lombok


Please feel free to contact us for more information